Third Light Records is a UK based Indy Label developing and producing new music of the highest quality.

Featuring great music from independent singers, songwriters, baddies and highwaymen and each with a unique twist, a twist that until now decreased their chances of ever getting passed the A&R bouncers at the doors of our homogeneous corporate cousins.

To our ears those people produce sandwiches, perfectly digestible and beautifully placed but without any fortifying ingredients. ‘Corporate Sandwiches’ we are not. Some of our artists have been called challenging, others simply devastating, a couple of tunesmiths and one bloke who hammers away like a blacksmith on heat. All kinds and blindsides, its all here, mumbling, trembling, wounding and joyful, the weeps, the creeps, the underneaths, ballads and salads…

Third Light Records,
A Beautiful Slug amongst the Massive Sandwiches.