Shooting Lead Rabbits

Shooting Lead Rabbits is: Chris Jenkins (Lead Vocals and Guitar) Bianca Jenkins (Stylophone, Backing Vocals, Percussion) and Emma Stevens (Guitar, Backing Vocals and Keys) a three-piece, retro, art house, alternative, folk rock band from the UK and Australia.

UK singer/songwriter Chris, has been performing Live music for 16 years and met Australian Designer/Photographer Bianca, while leading the troubadour circuit across Europe. They have been making music for as long as they have been together. Chris met Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Emma, while both studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music back in the UK. The three together have a unique sound that celebrates music in all it’s forms and genres, that enjoys constant collaboration with like minded professionals from all over the world. It is the love of all music that keeps SLR fresh and exciting, and which ensures that the only thing you can predict about Shooting Lead Rabbits is quality.

Shooting Lead Rabbits is signed to UK indy label ThirdLightRecords

About The Name

“Shooting lead rabbits” (lead as in LED, not LEED) is a tradesman’s term that describes a particular technique in roofing. It’s an odd name that is often confused with representing the mass slaughter of helpless little bunnies, but really it is significant for other reasons entirely‚Ķ We were at the Wield and Downland outdoor museum a while back, and in one of the barns there was a display of iron works and masonry. On the wall there were examples of tools and sketches of techniques, and above a brief description of some very old technique in thatch roofing was the heading “Shooting Lead Rabbits”. My sister spotted it and said what a great selection of words it was and that it should mean something really cool. A year later we were in the pub and it was time to come up with a band name. I said to Bianca, “what was that cool term Katie saw on the wall at the outdoor museum?” B said “Shooting Lead Rabbits”.

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“Well produced, lush vocal arrangements, thoughtful, clever, demand you listen…”
- Smooth Radio

“A rare release…This is the beginning of something really good.”
– What’s On Magazine

“Chris Jenkins looks, sings, writes and plays like a darling. Immaculate”
– Chris Wild (The Retronaut)